About Allied Restoration


Many Strengths, One Purpose: To Serve.

Allied Restoration Service Inc. was conceived and established by service professionals who have a combined 25 years of experience in the insurance restoration industry. The foundation of our business is rooted in what most of our competitors have long forgotten – To Serve The Customer! Each member of our team has been hand selected and trained to hold and promote our company’s core values which are reinforced daily in everything we do.

Our goal is to create consistent repair experiences by passionately going above and beyond what is expected. Our clients and friends refer us their most important clients and we turn them into Raving Fans.

Many companies provide the same services, but few go beyond to build a partnership. As a General Contractor we provide commercial and residential losses with the following solutions: Fire, Water and Wind Damage, Mold Remediation, Water Extraction, Board-Ups and Temporary Roofing.

Meet the Team

O.P. Almaraz
O.P. AlmarazCEO
With 16 years experience in the Insurance restoration industry his strengths stretch across all aspects of a successful company and as a restoration professional. O.P.’s foundation began in construction and emergency response services. After becoming a successful V.P. prior to opening Allied his passion for continued education and teaching in our industry has inspired him to raise the bar for his clients and customers. His commitment to Customer service is what defines his company’s culture.
Tim Bauer
Tim BauerVice President
Tim Bauer has worked in the Insurance Restoration Industry for almost 15 years and specializes in crafting the customer experience, branding and marketing. His greatest achievement includes losing almost 250 pounds and being a single dad of two daughters without losing any of his hair. He’s also a two time TEDx Speaker!
Debbie Ludolph
Debbie LudolphCFO
Debbie grew up in Anaheim, California and now lives in Highland with her husband. She also has a Bachelors Degree in Business with a concentration in Accounting and has spent over 20 years in Accounting, including 8 years as the accountant for Allied Restoration. Surprisingly, she loves to fish. She proudly has 3 kids and 5 grandkids. And calls her greatest accomplishment raising her children to be thoughtful, considerate, respectful, and productive adults.
Maria Bustos
Maria BustosEmergency Services Concierge
Maria is a Los Angeles Native literally born in East LA. (Cue the Cheech and Chong song). She happily in a relationship and has a 14 year old “mini me” Ione Bleu. She has been in the business for 11 years. One thing that may surprise you about Maria is that she is a huge music nerd and vinyl record collector. She loves going to concerts as much as she can and taking her daughter along. She has a small urban garden that continues to grow that she loves to take care of. Surprisingly, Maria went to school for interior design and worked in the industry for about 6 years. Although she is no longer working in design she has a passion for all things beautiful. She calls her greatest accomplishment raising her daughter to be a loving and interesting human being and doing her best to be the best mother, friend, daughter, aunt, and human being she can possibly be in this life.
Will Kelley
Will KelleyEstimator/Project Manager
Will is originally from Chicago (don’t hold it against him) and moved to Southern California 3 years ago. Something interesting about Will is his incredible passion for music and his former band opened for the likes of Sammy Haggar, Styx and ZZ Top (google them kids if you haven’t heard the names). He lists his greatest accomplishment as his network of people because everything good in his life has come from others.
Jennifer Sims
Jennifer SimsClient Support Liaison
Jennifer has spent her entire life in beautiful California with the exception of the time she and her husband decided to move to Tennessee. They came back 6 months later. She is a married mother of 6 kids in a beautiful blended family ranging from 3 to 20– never a dull moment! She always jokes when leaving work that she’s headed home to her second job. She is a positive person who loves to laugh but making others laugh makes her even more happy. She is the kind of person our clients can count on at any moment. One interesting fact about her is her small collection of Precious Moment Figurines. One day she was given one and it kept growing. She loves sunflowers and making our clients days (which she does often).
Ivonne Ulloa
Ivonne UlloaAccounting
Ivonne grew up in the city of Cudahy in Los Angeles until she was 16 when she moved to America’s favorite vacation destination, Costa Mesa. She is a widow with no children unless you count her two four legged children which she loves more than most parents love their kids. She’s been in Insurance and Insurance Restoration since 1997 (we know, she looks way too young for that). One interesting fact about Ivonne is that she is actually a competitive Poker player. She says that her greatest accomplishment is the life she has built.

Our Service Values

We have crafted the following 12 Service Values to guide our interactions with customers, referral sources and internal team members. They are indispensable to the way we do business and define every choice we make. Every single day, we train our staff on one of them, recognize someone who is doing a good job exemplifying one and talk about training opportunities to get better at implementing them.

Here are all 12:

Raving Fans

Our goal from day one is never to merely satisfy a customer. It is always our intention to make sure that think of calling us when need our services again.

Expressed and Unexpressed

Any organization can do a decent job on meeting the expressed need. We are constantly seeking ways to serve the needs that are not expressed on a daily basis.


We understand that we are not just restoring homes, we are restoring lives.. We aim to provide an incredible experience and rebuilding to your exact needs.


We promise you that we will always show up looking, smelling and acting the part. We will communicate clearly with you and focus on your most imporant parts.


Every employee establishes goals for his or her department and has metrics to meet to provide you with the best possible experience and attaining goals.

Continual Improvement

We understand how many choices you have, so we are always in a relentless pursuit to become the best version of Allied Restoration company that we can be.

Owning Problems

Our staff is trained to own and resolve anything that gets thrown their way. If they can’t handle it, they’ll do their best to find someone that can.


We have a family culture that takes a forefront focus from day 1 on the job. No one is hired to join our team until they’ve met everyone in the Allied Family.


Our staff is always developing and learning new skills. We cross-train one another and have monthly Allied Book Clubs. Ask us what our book of the month is!


Our goal is never to merely satisfy a customer. While we hope you don’t require us again, it is our intention to make sure that you will think of us first!


Privacy and confidentiality are critical to us, especially in the Private Client Group. When requested we provide NDAs and showing up in unmarked vehicles.

Cleanliness and Safety

We understand how challenging these “forced renovations” can be. Our intention is to always to be as minimally invasive, respectful and caring for your home.
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