Nancy O’Dell Testimonial – Water Damage Leak

Serving the high net worth and celebrity clientele requires a different approach than what most restoration companies would normally do for their clients. Many restoration companies have not served the high net worth and are not prepared for that level of service. We treat every client with the same level of quality customer service, high net worth or not. That means we keep a clean and professional appearance with every staff we send out. We wear new shoe covers into every home and leave the job site clean every visit. We work around the client’s busy schedule and are always responsive through phone, text and email. The problem of water damage and mold does not discriminate from person to person, so the solution to the problem remains the same. Our high level of standard and customer service allows us to easily serve any client and turn them into raving fans. Nancy O’Dell, a raving fan of Allied Restoration, had a water leak over at the second-floor bathroom leading to the dining room ceiling. For some clients, this can be a frightening experience as each piece of their home is carefully crafted, hard to find, and a personal experience. Her ceiling was crafted with designed architecture wood that needs special care and attention when water damage is involved. A priority of ours was to save the water damaged ceiling wood and make our client’s problem our first priority. Our core value of ownership means that we immediately resolve and own the problems of our clients. What made Nancy O’Dell into a raving fan was not only the workmanship but the level of customer service, experience and flexibility when handling high net worth clients. We showed up ready and prepared all the paperwork that Nancy O’Dell needed upfront to get the project moving forward. Combined with the level of cleanliness, speed and urgency, We provided a restoration experience that no other contractor was able to provide. Allied Restoration was the last call Nancy O’Dell ever had to make. Normally there would need to be multiple vendors and parties to get the restoration and reconstruction process handled, but with our turnkey service, the experience was seamless and there was no need to coordinate the job. Nancy O’Dell even questioned, “How can you have a leak in your house and have everything go so smoothly”! The answer is, a professional restoration company that has a high-level standard and experience dealing with water damage and reconstruction in the high net worth space. We started to work straight at the source of the leak, removed the bathroom tiles and went straight to work with urgency and cleanliness in mind. By fixing the leak at the source and drying the surrounding walls and floors with an industrial dehumidifier for 48-72 hours, the moisture level will dramatically decrease and mitigate any potential mold problems. After confirming the area is at a dry standard with moisture meters, we got straight to work on the reconstruction and pieced back the beautiful house together. Nancy O’Dell was so satisfied with the work, she went ahead and did some retail work around her house with Allied Restoration! Are you experiencing contractors that just do not meet your standards and frustrates you? Work with Allied Restoration and experience the difference in quality. Whether you need water damage or mold remediation, you will only need to make one call.