How to Keep Your Home Safe from Wildfire Smoke

Wildfires have been increasing in frequency, speed, and size due to climate change. They have become a health threat that impacts the lives of many. Wildfire smoke is highly toxic due to the gases, air pollutants, chemicals, dirt, and dust it contains. Whether they are visible or not, the smoke can negatively affect your health.

In addition to understanding the risks, wildfires pose to your family, learning how to prepare for such events can give you some peace of mind. Planning for wildfires includes making your home safer with the appropriate AC and indoor quality equipment.

What Are the Health Risks of Wildfires?

The hazardous particles present in wildfire smoke can damage organs and bodily functions like:

  • Lungs
  • Bloodstream
  • Immune system

Wildfire smoke can result in health problems that range from inflammation to cancer. Common symptoms of exposure include headaches, coughing, or wheezing. Some individuals like children, seniors, and those with asthma or other respiratory issues are especially at risk.

The dangerous particles present in the smoke combined with the stress of the experience can also impact your cognitive abilities, which is why planning for wildfires is important.

What Preparations Can I and My Family Make?

Keeping emergency supplies available, including newborn and pet supplies if needed, and having your vehicle ready for a drive can help you evacuate quickly and safely if a wildfire occurs close to your home. If you can see flames or receive a recommendation or order to leave the area, like on the interactive and federally-run tracker AirNow, you need to go.

Be careful to limit your time outside whether you need to evacuate or can shelter at your residence. Wear a high-quality mask such as an N95 respirator to limit your exposure to toxic particles.

Upgrade Your Indoor Air Quality with Filtration and Other Devices

If you can safely stay in your home but need to avoid wildfire smoke, you can run your central air conditioning or portable AC units to avoid exposure to the outside air. Set your equipment on the recirculation setting to avoid bringing in any contaminated outdoor air and smoke.

Make sure to schedule regular maintenance to keep your AC equipment working properly. If you need to install additional units or replace any existing ones, you can take those practical steps as soon as possible, so you are prepared in case of wildfires in your area.

Keeping your indoor air quality safe plays a central role in protecting your and your loved ones’ health. Investing in a quality air purifying system for your home can help increase the air quality and support your air conditioning. You may also consider creating a “clean room” in your home with as few doors and windows as possible in which you can keep the air quality as high as possible.

You can also ask professionals to check that all your doors and windows are fully sealed to avoid any outdoor air contaminating your home during a wildfire.

While sheltering from wildfires, you should avoid cooking, smoking, vacuuming, or any other activity that may increase the circulation of dust and other potential pollutants around your home.

Choose Allied Restoration Services Inc. to Improve and Maintain Your Indoor Air Quality

Our licensed and insured technicians can help you find solutions that increase the safety of your home. You can expect an in-depth evaluation of your current equipment and residence at the beginning of your appointment before we discuss your options and goals to find a solution that meets your specific situation.

To help prepare for wildfires, we offer services like:

At Allied Restoration Services Inc., we are available for emergency repairs and we offer a wildfire assistance program if your home has suffered damage. We prioritize your safety and strive to offer cost-effective and environment-friendly solutions.

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