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return-to-work guidelines

The following are Allied Restoration’s Return to Work guidelines affecting employees and visitors to all Allied Restoration facilities. Any changes to these guidelines will be communicated with clients and posted to our website. All employees and visitors must adhere to these guidelines to best protect the safety of all.

Workplace Safety & Staffing Adjustments

Allied Restoration will open intermittently under the recommendations of public health officials and in accordance with local mandates. Once we reopen, all return to non-remote work for field employees will be voluntary. Anyone whose job function allows them to work remotely will continue to be able to do so. Reasonable accommodations will be made to work schedules in order to protect employees’ health, accommodate for child care and address individual situations, as appropriate.

Social Distancing:

Whenever possible, Allied Restoration Leaders are expected to limit in-office staff and provide ample amount of social distance between workers. Scheduling of staff will be set up to reduce risks and provide ample social distancing in the office environment. Office staff will not share offices and will utilize face masks when occupying the same rooms or areas.

  • At least one (1) empty workspace must be kept between each employee in locations where desks are closely configured.
  • When moving throughout the office, staff should call out locations in tight spots in order to avoid close encounters with others.
  • Staff must adhere to social distancing guidelines whenever practical.

PPE & Healthy Behaviors:

  • For their own safety and that of their co-workers, employees must stay home if they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or feeling ill.
  • Staff must wash their hands upon arrival to work and upon return from any break, meal and/or bathroom usage. Hand washing is strongly encouraged regularly throughout the day.
  • Staff must sanitize or wash hands immediately after touching any packages, mail or deliveries that come from outside.
  • At a minimum, staff must wear masks at all times when in the workplace and adhere to proper protocol around mask hygiene and replacement.
  • Staff should make concerted effort not to shake hands or touch each other (e.g., high five, etc.).
  • Sneezes should be into the elbow and followed with hand wash and sanitization of the surrounding area where practical.
  • Staff must ensure that their PPE is fitted properly at all times.
  • Multi-user restrooms are to only allow one (1) person at time. Managers are to install locks on doors or create an occupied sign system in order to prevent crowding.


  • Management and office staff are to all contribute to the cleaning and sanitizing of their office through a dedicated cleaning schedule.
  • Each employee must clean and sanitize their own work station daily before beginning work. This includes:
    • Keyboard/mouse
    • Desktop
    • Drawer handles
    • Telephone handset and keypad
  • High contact areas are to be cleaned regularly with disinfectant spray or disinfectant wipe (to be determined based on location in cooperation with Engineering). High contact areas include:
    • Doorknobs
    • Light switches
    • Refrigerator handles
    • Microwave handle and keypad
    • Coffee maker
    • Break room chairs and tables
    • Printers/scanners

Field Operations (Superintendents/Project Managers)

  • Any vehicle must have no more than two (2) people maximum.
  • Vehicles must carry hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and PPE.
  • Crews must have enough PPE to accommodate the type of work being performed on a given day.
    • If a vehicle or van does not have these essentials, it is the Crew’s responsibility to inform a Manager and properly equip the vehicle before departure.
  • Crews must replenish PPE kits with items that were used at the end of each day, properly disposing of used PPE on-site or at warehouse at designated disposal bins. Proper disposal procedure will be explained to staff.
  • Work vans must be disinfected before and after every shift and when necessary, wiping down all touch surfaces (e.g., steering wheel, knobs, gear shift, etc.).
  • When practical, windows should be down on both sides of the vehicle.
  • If practical, use follow cars for additional staff. Follow cars will be equipped with hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and PPE. Clean and disinfect follow cars following the same guidelines as trucks.
  • Prior to arrival at the client location and prior to beginning any on-site work, the client should be contacted to confirm that no one is sick inside the home and everyone is safe to enter.
  • Safe social distancing must be maintained whenever possible.
  • Gloves must be changed regularly during job in accordance with safe disposal procedures.
  • FIeld employees must be aware of their surroundings. Risks and hazards must be announced as they come into view. Any perceived risks must be reported immediately to a Crew Chief/Manager.

Visitation Guidelines

The following are guidelines regarding client and third-party visits to Allied Restoration locations.


  • All visits must be pre-arranged with a Allied Restoration employee at least 24 hours in advance. Unplanned visits will not be permitted.
  • At time of booking, visitors must confirm that they will be equipped with their own PPE. Facial masks are required of all visitors. Visitation guidelines are to be provided to client or third-party visitors both verbally and in writing.
  • All Allied Restoration employees must wear face masks when interacting with visitors for the full length of time.
  • All visitors and Allied Restoration employees must have their temperature checked before entering any Allied Restoration facility. A walk-up automatic temperature screening device will take visitors’ and employees’ temperature and indicate whether it is safe for them to enter the space.
  • Allied Restoration reserves the right to ask any visitor exhibiting signs of illness to kindly leave the premises.
  • Visitors are asked to remain six (6) feet from all individuals while on property. Allied Restoration employees will politely remind visitors of this practice throughout the visit as needed.
  • Upon entering the facility, visitors will be asked to wash their hands at the nearest restroom or wash station. A disinfecting hand wipe will be provided for use on door handles en route to the restroom or wash station. Markings on the floor will be available for guidance to the restroom or wash station if the path is not obvious. Should a restroom or wash station be inaccessible or in excess of 100 yards from entrance, visitors are to thoroughly cleanse their hands with 70% alcohol-based sanitizer provided by Allied Restoration. There is one conveniently located next to the temperature screening station.
  • Personal objects such as handbags or carried items should remain with the visitor or placed in a secured location provided by Allied Restoration.
  • Guests are required to sign in once hand cleaning has occurred. Where staffed, a Allied Restoration receptionist is permitted to sign in on guest’s behalf in order to limit tablet contact.

Visiting Clients On-Site:

In order to preserve the safety of those involved, we ask that everyone who is present on a job site (clients, crew members, etc.) take the appropriate precautions, including wearing masks. Staff will be trained on how to handle particular situations around non-compliance.

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