Water Damage Restoration in Corona, CA

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Bathroom before and after water damage restoration services in Corona, CAFlooding can cause a truly breathtaking amount of damage to your home or business in an extremely small amount of time. Whether caused by mechanical failure, natural disaster, or a fluke accident, picking up the pieces can seem like an overwhelming task that you might not even know where to begin with. At Allied Restoration Services, helping you through hard times like these is what we do best.

We are a team of experienced restoration experts with more than a quarter-century of combined time in the industry, and we make it our mission to make your water damage disappear quickly so life can go back to normal. Take a look at what our clients have to say about us and see why we are Corona's most trusted water damage restoration company!

Are you struggling with the aftermath of flooding and water damage? Get help from the team at Allied Restoration Services, Inc. by calling (626) 349-6515 and let us get started right away!

Corona Mold Remediation Services

Perhaps the biggest threat in the immediate aftermath of flood damage is the development of mold. When your home or business experiences a flood, mold can start to form in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Areas that are dark and receive very little airflow are likely to see mold colonies spread like wildfire, creating a huge mess that could potentially be toxic and harmful to your health. The best way to stop this problem and get rid of the problem is with professional mold remediation services from the team at Allied Restoration Services, Inc.

We find and eliminate mold wherever it grows, including:

  • Under sinks
  • In cabinets
  • In flooring (carpet, hardwood, and more)
  • In drywall
  • In curtains or fabrics
  • In furniture & upholstery

Mold requires three conditions in order to grow: a source of food (some form of carbon-based matter), a source of consistent moisture (common from flooding), and protection from sunlight that can kill mold cells. In the aftermath of a serious flood, these conditions are not only possible, but highly prevalent. Once mold takes root and spreads, it’s extremely important to have it removed properly in order to prevent it from spreading any further.

There is no substitute for a professional restoration crew, and the team at Allied Restoration Services, Inc. wants to be the one you trust. We have all of the latest tools and are trained in modern techniques for dealing with mold infestations of all shapes and sizes, and we make it our mission to give you confidence when you leave the job to us. We not only protect your home by preventing further mold spread, but we work diligently to eliminate mold that may have already rooted itself. When we’re finished, your mold infestation will be a thing of the past.

Mold Damage Inspection

One of the most frustrating and nasty characteristics of mold is its ability to spread rapidly in areas where you aren’t necessarily able to see it. While you might think your home is clean and functioning normally, mold might be spreading through your walls, beneath your flooring, and even in the timber that forms the frame of your home. While you might feel your home is clean, mold can spread and cause foul odors and even potentially harm your health.

Allied Restoration Services, Inc. proudly employs a team of experienced mold inspectors who can offer you an in-depth inspection that locates mold in these areas you may not know or think about. We’re thorough and aggressive in our search, locating mold wherever it might be in order to develop a comprehensive and effective remediation plan. Once that plan is implemented, can set to work completing your remediation and getting your life back to normal.

Flood Damage Restoration

Water may bring life, but it can also be a cause of destruction. When it comes to your flooring, your furniture, and your most treasured possessions, extensive exposure to water can cause major damage that can be difficult to repair. At Allied Restoration Services, Inc., we take a signature approach to every water damage restoration case and work hard to make sure even the smallest details are cleaned and restored back to optimal condition. This includes carefully collecting your flooded possessions, categorizing and logging them in inventory, and then conducting thorough cleaning that both eliminates the damage and sanitizes them to make them safe for use in your home once again.

For those parts of your home that can’t be taken away, we work quickly to dry these areas out. Using high-power fans and air circulation equipment, we work to remove excess moisture from your flooded areas. This allows us to start working on the repair and restoration process faster and get you back in your home or business and back to normal faster.

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    Allied and Dayna have exceeded expectations.

    “She has been extremely knowledgeable, professional, quick to respond, and easy to work with.”

    - Samantha T.
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    “They text you they email you to make sure everything is fine and they keep me updated on everything that's going on with the process of having my mobile home done.”

    - Rose M.
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    “Their presence will be missed, but we now have our beautiful home to remind us that good things do come out of bad situations.”

    - Jason R.
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    “The next day we received flowers of congratulations for the birth from the whole Allied Team. It was great only dealing with one company during this whole process and Allied Restoration's customer service was top notch.”

    - Robert C.

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